IBM TRIRIGA Demo: Your All-in-One Solution for Facilities Management

IBM TRIRIGA is an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) designed to handle all aspects of real estate and facilities management. By bringing everything under its intelligent all-in-one platform, IBM TRIRIGA enables organizations to streamline processes, improve productivity, and optimize their spaces–all while improving the bottom line.

One of IBM TRIRIGA’s most exciting capabilities is its suite of Facilities Management software that not only saves you time on maintenance and scheduling, but also tracks, monitors, and manages all facilities-related assets and activities across your organization.

What Is ​​IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Management?

IBM TRIRIGA’s Facilities Management software collects your facility's data and provides AI-driven insights to help you identify trends over time so you can make critical decisions regarding maintenance, space optimization, and employee productivity.

The Facilities Management software is ready out-of-the-box and has made IBM TRIRIGA very popular amongst facilities, maintenance, and operations managers. In more practical, day-to-day use, IBM TRIRIGA’s Facilities Management software allows you to:

●          Submit service requests

●          Assign work tasks

●          Track the progress of work tasks and activities

●          Resolve and mark work tasks as complete

How Does IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Management Work?

IBM TRIRIGA’s Facilities Management software helps streamline processes for employees, service technicians, and supervisors.

Watch this short demo on using IBM TRIRIGA’s work task management tools.

Empower Employees to Submit Service Requests

If your employees notice something that needs to be resolved or repaired, TRIRIGA’s Facilities Management software makes it easy to submit a service request.

Through TRIRIGA’s Workplace Services web app, employees submit service requests if they see a facility-related problem that needs to be resolved. They can also use the floor plan to pin point the location that needs service to make it easier for the technician, as well as provide important details and even photos if necessary.

Once the service request has been submitted, the employee can view their requests in the workplace services dashboard before it’s sent to their supervisor for review.

Intelligent Facilities Management for Supervisors and Managers

For supervisors and managers, one of the most useful aspects of IBM TRIRIGA is the Work Planner web app, which allows you to view all of the service requests and work tasks. Using TRIRIGA’s Facilities Management software, managers can assign new tasks, see who’s been assigned what task,  and track the progress of those tasks until they are complete.

Using the web app, you can select work groups (ie. facility services, maintenance services, etc) and then easily filter these work tasks by “Assigned”, “Unassigned”, and “Overdue”.

The software also allows you to view everyone within a particular work group. For example, if you need to assign a task related to facility services, you’ll be able to see all of the technicians within that work group.

Not only that, but you can toggle between specific work weeks to get a better idea of each of your technicians’ workloads before you assign any newly submitted service requests to them.

Once a technician has been assigned a new work task, they’ll receive a notification to view it.

Simplifying Tasks for Service Technicians

Service technicians can log into IBM TRIRIGA’s Work Task web app to view all assigned work, and the intuitive dashboard helps keep them organized as it shows them the status of all their work tasks. The dashboard displays whether the task is:

●          In Progress

●          Completed

●          Draft

●          Unassigned

●          Closed

This helps your technicians prioritize their tasks because it shows them at a glance not only what needs to be done, but the status of each task. To make things easier, the technicians can sort their work tasks by ID, task name, priority, location, planned start date, and status.

You can also track the assets and materials used in each work task for accurate budgeting and expensing.

Benefits Of Using IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Management Tools

Through IBM TRIRIGA’s Facilities Management software, your employees become one of your organization’s best lines of defence when it comes to finding and reporting problems –because nobody knows the spaces better than the ones who work there.

The facilities management software makes it easy for managers and supervisors to assign and track the progress of the work tasks. Service technicians can also see exactly where to go and are given all of the relevant details to minimize back and forth.  Even better, each work task can be accurately timed and recorded for payroll and future reference.

Another significant benefit of using IBM TRIRIGA’s Facilities Management software is that the workplace web app also has an ‘Offline Status’ feature. This means even if you lose your internet connection, you won’t lose any data because it gets saved until it can be synced up later once the internet is reconnected.

IBM TRIRIGA: Intelligent Facilities Management

IBM TRIRIGA’s Facilities Management tools allow for the submission of service requests, management of work tasks, and completion of services to flow seamlessly between different roles within your organization. At the same time, TRIRIGA allows these work tasks to be tracked and recorded within one convenient and intuitive system.

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