IBM TRIRIGA: Features and Benefits

It's no secret that real estate is among the most expensive investments a company can make (second only to employee wages).  As real estate prices rise, businesses need ways to cut costs, increase operational efficiencies, and maximize the use of the spaces they already have.

Similarly, as more and more workers begin their return to hybrid offices, it’s important that organizations have the flexibility and resilience to adapt to new challenges and disruptions of the modern workplace. Many organizations–including 4 of the Fortune 5 – are turning to IBM TRIRIGA to meet those demands.

At Tjene, we specialize in implementing IBM TRIRIGA to provide real, actionable solutions for innovative businesses. We work with you to uncover internal optimizations across buildings and workspaces, and we’ll be there every step of the way to make sure the process is smooth and seamless.


IBM TRIRIGA is a market-leading IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) that helps organizations manage their real estate and facilities more efficiently, based on data and powerful insights. It achieves this by enabling organizations to:

●          Optimize their real estate portfolios

●          Prepare and adapt to challenges and disruptions

●          Build resiliency and flexibility into their processes


By connecting all of an organization's real estate and facilities data into a single, streamlined platform, IBM TRIRIGA is able to manage and track everything from capital projects, leasing details, an organization’s use of space, operations, building maintenance, and more.

What Are The Benefits Of IBM TRIRIGA?

There are many benefits of using IBM TRIRIGA. Not only does it streamline the management of an organization’s facilities and real estate, but it also helps elevate the experiences of the people in those buildings and facilities.

Reduce costs

IBM TRIRIGA can help reduce costs by up to 20% with its dedicated platform for effective real estate management.

Monitor building occupancy levels

IBM TRIRIGA allows the monitoring of occupancy levels in near-real-time, which is extremely important when there is limited occupancy. Whether it’s due to hybrid workplaces having limited desk space, safety reasons such as social distancing, or employers simply wanting to know how their spaces are being used, IBM TRIRIGA makes it easy to monitor and track occupancy levels across your entire organization.

Optimize space

With its dynamic space planning, IBM TRIRIGA enables organizations to review existing floor layouts and optimize them. This ranges from being able to implement new floorplans for a more connected and engaged office, to maximizing the efficiency of your workspace to reduce costs.

Predict maintenance needs

IBM TRIRIGA empowers organizations to take a more proactive approach to maintenance through condition-based maintenance strategies that help reduce unplanned failures. Think of condition-based maintenance as being performed on an as-needed basis, kind of like how you might only get an oil change when the indicator light goes on in your car.

Not only does this approach to maintenance help extend the life of your buildings, it also helps reduce repair expenses and cuts downtime as well.

Create a better workplace environment

IBM TRIRIGA enables organizations to prioritize their employees’ health and wellbeing by creating workspaces that foster collaboration and productivity. By taking into consideration how the workplace environment impacts the people in them, IBM TRIRIGA enables organizations to make employees feel more comfortable, supported, and engaged.

Safety measures

Now that people are starting to return to the workplace, it’s important to prioritize the health and safety of the workforce in a clear and coordinated fashion.

IBM TRIRIGA allows organizations to easily add safety measures such as physical distancing standards and sanitizing workspaces after use. Organizations can also flag and remove any workspaces in violation of health guidelines or safety protocols.


IBM TRIRIGA comes packed with features that enable organizations to use their facilities to the fullest, and they’re ready to go right out of the box. This powerhouse platform helps organizations manage all aspects of their properties with six fully integrated modules:

  1. The Real Estate Module: manages your real estate portfolio including financial reporting. Such that you won’t miss a critical date, options & clauses, and you always know your current obligations.
  2. The Space Module: identifies strategies to optimize the use of space, relocation and moves processes, and reveals opportunities for consolidation and expansion.
  3. The Projects Module: a project management tool for construction or renovation of facilities.
  4. The Operations Module: optimizes facilities maintenance.
  5. The Reserve Module: provides a reservation system for spaces, catering, equipment, fleets and anything else.
  6. The Environment Module: looks for efficiencies in energy, water, waste and emissions management.

In addition to those modules, IBM TRIRIGA comes packed with many more features including:

●          Hundreds of built-in roles, metrics, processes, and reports

●          Easy customization with no coding required

●          Manage over a thousand leases and other real estate details

●          Built for scalability

●          Easy and organized access to  data and real estate assets

●          Integrates with third-party and in-house systems

●          Ready-made COTS software suite saves time and money

●          Insights from powerful AI-driven analytics

●          Efficiency-boosting automation tools

●          Optimized for mobile devices

Using IoT and IBM TRIRIGA to Cut Costs: A Case Study

The following case study provides a real-life example of how we used IBM TRIRIGA to help our clients reduce the operating costs of their offices.

First, we set up IoT sensors in the offices that could tell which meeting rooms were in use and whether someone was at their desk. Using IBM TRIRIGA, we analyzed the data to identify opportunities where operations and efficiencies could be improved.

This included things like turning down the office temperature or turning off the lights when the building was empty to save money on heat and electricity.

We were also able to identify areas with heavy foot traffic and other spaces where people tended to gather. This data was used to improve the air quality and circulation for improved comfort and safety.

IBM TRIRIGA is the All-in-One Platform for Effective Real Estate Management

IBM TRIRIGA helps organizations around the world manage their real estate assets more effectively with its intuitive all-in-one platform. It helps companies reduce operating costs, maximize the use of space, and create a better environment for their workforce.

To find out how your organization can use IBM TRIRIGA to get the most out of your real estate assets and facilities, check out our demo videos of the tool or  contact the team at Tjene today.

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