Promoting Intelligent Facilities Management with IoT Sensors

"The cost of space is often one of an organization's largest expenses, so optimizing that space is critical."

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face when opening new buildings is determining how space should be utilized. The cost of space is often one of an organization's largest expenses, so optimizing that space is critical. Our clients were looking to reduce operating costs of new and existing offices while maintaining a clear focus on employee experience. They wanted to know how their spaces were being used and why, as well as if there was room for improved efficiencies.

We wanted to deliver a connected experience that would allow our clients to see exactly how their spaces were used and find ways to improve them. Tjene knew there was a way we could use IBM TRIRIGA as a foundation, not only for managing physical spaces but also for integrating systems throughout multiple offices.

We began by deploying Rigado IoT sensors in our client’s office buildings to collect real-time data on room occupancy and desk presence. This data was then fed into IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights, where it could be used to drive decisions on scheduling, space optimization, and building controls.

These sensors could identify when a meeting room was in use, or whether someone is sitting at their desk. This information could then be used to optimize building operations and improve energy efficiencies, such as turning off the lights or adjusting the temperature.

The data collected by the sensors can also help identify the density of space in certain areas, improving air quality in spaces that tend to be crowded. This type of intelligence is essential for facilities managers, who are constantly looking for ways to optimize their buildings and make them more comfortable and safe.

The addition of IoT sensors has helped our clients to make more informed decisions about their facilities management strategies. By collecting data on how people are using the space, we are able to provide a more complete picture of the business, alongside better recommendations for how to manage space and resources. This includes scheduling and building maintenance needs.

By having access to accurate, real-time data, building managers can make better decisions that lead to increased efficiency and cost savings. In addition, a well-run facility will attract and retain employees, which is a key factor in remaining competitive.

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