IBM TRIRIGA Demo: Dynamic Space Planning for a Changing World

In the era of hybrid work, flexibility is critical. Not only for adapting to a changing workplace, but also to meet the needs of your workforce. Regardless of whether your organization is returning to the office, remaining remote-first, or pursuing a hybrid workplace model, most organizations need a system that can:

●          Implement safe workplace strategies

●          Optimize the use of their workspaces

●          Elevate the experience of their employees

●          Improve their bottom line

IBM TRIRIGA is a leading integrated workspace management system (IWMS) that helps businesses make their workplaces more efficient, productive, and engaging.  One of the most important ways it does that is through the Dynamic Space Planning app.

What Is Dynamic Space Planning?

Dynamic Space Planning allows organizations to easily visualize, plan, and implement changes to their workplaces with a single fully-integrated system. It enables organizations to:

●          Adapt to changing work environments

●          Easily modify floor plans

●          Map workspaces digitally

●          Monitor occupancy levels for AI-driven insights

●          Improve operational efficiency by maximizing the use of space

Dynamic space planning gives organizations more flexibility and greater resiliency to adapt to rapidly changing situations, while also providing insights to save time and cut costs. It also makes it easier for employees to find what they need to do their jobs–whether it’s an open desk, meeting room, department, or even their colleagues.

To use this feature, try automating tasks and setting alerts for maintenance or cleaning using TRIRIGA. For example, you can monitor occupancy levels and identify high traffic areas, and then set a cleaning alert if occupancy goes over a set threshold.

How Does Dynamic Space Planning Work?

In the past, space planning has been a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. Complicating things further, you’d often have to rely on data that was manually collected months (if not years) ago. Not only was this slow, but it also hurt productivity and internal budgets. Thankfully, those days are over as Dynamic Space Planning makes it easy to optimize your organization’s current floor plan as it provides near-real-time data and AI-driven insights to help maximize the use of space.

Dynamic Space Planning allows you to easily assign people and departments to new workspaces, and remove or add people to the floor as needed. In addition, you can designate reservable workspaces and monitor their occupancy levels, as well as try out different seating arrangements to encourage things such as distancing or group collaboration.

How To Use Dynamic Space Planning In The Workplace

The video below is a great example of a real-life scenario where you can use the Dynamic Space Planning App to help reorganize your baseline floor plan.

To help you analyze your floor plan, Dynamic Space Planning has a range of tools, such as the People icon that instantly shows you which workspaces are assigned to specific people.

It also comes with a host of filters that lets you effortlessly choose the type of information you want to see, including:

Space Class Filter

The Space Class filter is the default view that shows what each space is used for based on its classification (ie.balcony, corridor, meeting room,  office, elevator, restroom, food service, storage, stairway, etc).

Occupancy Organization Filter

The Occupancy Organization filter shows you which spaces are assigned to which departments (ie. accounting, app support, marketing, business development, construction and planning, etc).

Charge to Org. Filter

The Charge to Org. filter shows which departments are financially responsible for the use of each space, which can be established through IBM TRIRIGA via chargeback allocations.

Reservable Flag Filter

Use the Reservable Flag filter to quickly see which spaces are currently reservable on the floor.

Dynamic Space Planning For Hybrid Workplaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how we work, and organizations have adapted to it in many different ways, but it seems like hybrid workplaces are the new normal for many organizations going forward.

As the hybrid workplace model grows in popularity, the health and safety of employees remain a top priority, and the Dynamic Space Planning app has the tools that enable your organization to:

●          Monitor occupancy levels in real-time

●          Compare alternative scenarios to your existing space plans such as different proposals, what-if situations, and feasibility studies

●          Easily add a distance factor (such as 6 ft for physical distancing) to ensure there’s proper room between workspaces

For example, organizations can create a “Return to Work” scenario and set up sections of their floor plan to become reservable spaces, which is automatically fed into IBM TRIRIGA’s reservation process. Then, they can monitor occupancy levels and ensure distancing requirements are adhered to.

Gets Even More with Easy IoT Integration

IBM TRIRIGA seamlessly integrates with many IoT tools for even greater functionality through your existing wifi network, which can be set up within hours.

For space planning, one of the simplest IoT integrations is using IoT sensors to create a heat map of the office, which can help you identify areas with the heaviest and lowest traffic so you can better optimize the use of those spaces.

Dynamic Space Planning: Your Space, Your Way

Dynamic Space Planning gives you full control over how your organization’s spaces are used and makes it easy for you to find the information you need when you need it. It’s also important for organizations to be resilient, adaptable, and continuously improving. IBM TRIRIGA makes all of that possible through its intelligent approach to real estate management.

For more information on how Dynamic Space Planning or IBM TRIRIGA can help your organization improve its bottom line and maximize its use of space, contact Tjene today.

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