60 Trees Planted with One Million Trees Mississauga

On Friday, June 17th, 2022, our Tjene team joined One Million Trees Mississauga for our fourth tree planting event. Each year we are excited to have the opportunity to help plant additional trees within the City of Mississauga parks. As we had planted 150 trees last year, we were happy to have planted an additional 60 trees this year at Victory Park, which brings us to a total of 528 planted trees to date! In addition to planting trees, we also joined the One Million Trees team in clearing up their garden bed as they prepare for new flowers and plants to grow.

About One Million Trees Mississauga

One Million Trees Mississauga began with the goal to plant one million trees by 2032 in order to conserve the City's forestry and parks for the future generation. To date, 413,441 trees have been planted and the team continues to welcome organizations, schools, businesses, or individuals to join their mission in meeting their goal.


Hear Our Stories:

"Tree planting was an amazing experience to get in touch with nature and our Tjeners, I would definitely recommend it to any who's never done it before - you won't regret it!"

-James R.

"It was super fun to be out in the open planting trees for the OneMillionTreesMissisauga initiative. Planted 5 trees, that's 5 more than 0. Cleaned out the garden weed, like we clean the data. Had an amazing Tjeam lunch and loved getting to know my peers outside of the office. I am excited for next year's tree planting event!"

-Aastha B.

"It was awesome getting the chance to help the community and getting to know my fellow tjeners outside of the office."

-Sandy Y.

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