150 Trees Planted with One Million Trees Mississauga

On Friday, October 15th, 2021, our Tjene team joined One Million Trees Mississauga for our third tree planting event. Our team was excited to take on the challenge of planting 10 more trees than our last tree planting event in 2019 at Mississauga's Dellwood Park. This year, we planted a total of 150 trees within an hour at Mississauga's Hawkins Glen Park, which brings us to a total of 468 planted trees to date!

About One Million Trees Mississauga

One Million Trees Mississauga began with the goal to plant one million trees by 2032 in order to conserve the City's forestry and parks for the future generation. To date, 413,441 trees have been planted and the team continues to welcome organizations, schools, businesses, or individuals to join their mission in meeting their goal.


Hear Our Stories:

"My tree planting event was amazing! I'm glad that I contributed to saving the planet and I also met some of my awesome colleagues!"

-Ben R.

"Tree planting was a fun way to socialize, help the environment as well as getting a little muddy in the process of it all! Looking forward to planting more than 150 trees next time with Tjene."

-Serene Y.

"Tree planting is a great outdoor team bonding activity with everyone that makes you feel like a kid again. I love that we get to help the planet become more green all the while breaking our yearly record!"

-Susan I.

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