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The myTrailhead learning hub is's action center for employee training, education, and skills development. You can use it to establish a culture of learning in your organization, and increase employee engagement in new ways on a flexible platform that is available whenever and wherever people want, whether they're in the office or working remotely. It can be leveraged to support multiple phases of a return to work plan; as most of us are currently working from home, the myTrailhead learning hub can initially be used as a mechanism to engage remote workers and keep them connected through a gamified learning platform, and from there can also be modified to function as an educational tool for teaching people about new or updated processes and policies as they are preparing to return to work. Ensuring employees are confident and ready to return under new working conditions will help make the transition as smooth as possible and keep the focus on productivity rather than safety.

The hub comes with the current trailhead library of learning tools, but also allows you to create and add your own custom content for any other training and development you'd like to include. The entire platform is integrated with the workplace command center, so leaders and managers can keep track on the overall progress of their teams and their learning modules.

Salesforce’s myTrailHead learning hub for an employee.


As the space we work in has been taken away from us, greater emphasis has been placed on the other most valuable asset of organizations: their people. While the spaces we work in may vary in size, purpose, and layout, the people who work within them are still a constant in what may seem like ever-changing circumstances. This creates an even more compelling argument highlighting the importance of investing in an organization's workforce. This investment should begin early as part of the onboarding for new hires; organizations with an integrated and interactive onboarding process have shown to gain competitive advantages in staffing compared to those that do not. Investing in an effective onboarding process can help improve a team's dynamics, increasing role clarity and boosting productivity. MyTrailhead provides the opportunity to develop a completely remote onboarding process, with the ability to track progress on training modules and connect new hires as they embark on their new journeys together.

By providing a cohesive platform that acquaints individuals with their peers, we are laying out the groundwork for teams to forge strong bonds with each other and work more efficiently in the future, and this can help empower individuals to voice new ideas. Higher performing teams are comfortable with one another, have a good team dynamic and, as a result, have shown to be more productive. Furthermore, organizations with an effective onboarding process have demonstrated the ability to reduce the amount of time between acquiring talent, to the point when new talent begins to reach normal or expected productivity levels. And if we shift the focus of dynamics and productivity at a team and individual level to a broader organizational view, using a platform such as myTrailhead creates a medium for company culture to grow and flourish even in times where remote work is the only safe option for employees. This can be a very valuable asset which improves an organization's ability to adapt to changing circumstances and become more resilient when facing new challenges.

MyTrailhead allows employees to schedule, socialize and learn all in one place which not only strengthens the culture of the organization, but also promotes a learning (or growth) environment. As employers are increasingly having to make organizational changes to survive, agile learning is becoming the new norm and a process that companies will rely on for survival. Agile learning focuses on teaching employees smaller bits of information at a time when they become relevant, with feedback as they are learning the material, and it must be flexible for the employee in order to have the greatest possible effect.

MyTrailhead can be key to creating an agile learning environment. Online learning allows for Organizational Development teams to quickly and easily publish content, as well as track which employees have completed it and provide feedback. This allows organizations to promote, foster, and benefit from a learning culture and ensure their employees are highly skilled and productive, giving them a competitive edge over other organizations. Agile learning is a key component to upskilling employees, and with the right technology in place the process can be streamlined even further.

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