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The collaborative and social space that our offices provide is something we've all been missing over the past several months, and is a big reason why many of us are eagerly anticipating the return to work. While it's good to be excited we also need to be cautious, think carefully, and plan accordingly to navigate the very real challenges of coming back to the office in the midst of a pandemic. We're living in an unprecedented time where circumstances can change rapidly and data-driven, informed decisions need to be made because, let’s face it – lives are depending on it.

The new office landscape is going to look very different from what we're used to, particularly in terms of managing floor layouts, spacing between workstations, more rigorous cleaning and sanitization routines, and new occupancy thresholds that are below typical capacity. The primary goal for organizations as they begin to develop a "back-to-work" plan should be to protect the health and well-being of employees while still being able to provide the space and the tools they need to perform effectively at the workplace. There should be more emphasis for staff on the job/tasks at hand, and less on them asking themselves "Am I safe?" or "Do I need to be concerned?" We really want to give people the peace of mind that their safety and comfort is of the utmost importance as we're inviting them back to work. Creating a positive employee experience is something that we all should be striving for now more than ever, and the eventual return to work for many of us presents a fantastic opportunity to re-imagine our approach to what the workplace should be able to offer.

In our Return to Work solutions, we're going to discuss (without getting too technical) some opportunities that are available today, though which IBM TRIRIGA can be used in parallel with the Watson Works set of products to help accelerate and facilitate the transition of going back to work with a heightened focus on safety, physical distancing, and convenience for workers. The approaches we'll go through in detail cover three main aspects of how a post-quarantine workplace might operate:

  • Facilities management and space planning
  • Workplace services and worker experience
  • Contact tracing and health & safety

Whether you work in retail, commercial, or corporate space we hope to help get the conversation started towards formulating your back-to-work plan. Let’s identify some great opportunities to use your existing IWMS applications and Facility Management tools as the backbone to make this transition smooth, while keeping everyone's safety and comfort as top priority. Our goal is to help you make sure you're getting the most out of your system by adapting and adhering to public health guidelines, and return to work with confidence.

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