Tjene attends IBM TririgaWorld 2022 Conference

After two years of attending various virtual conferences, the Tjene Team was excited to finally attend an in-person MaximoWorld and TririgaWorld 2022 conference on Austin, TX. From August 9th to 11th the team joined several other companies to network and participate in various workshop sessions.


On the TririgaWorld side, our CEO, Calvin Yoa, participated in two panel presentations, "Facilities Management Challenges: Envisioning the Future of a Hybrid Workplace with TRIRIGA" and "A Return to Work Safety Roadmap." Watch our various demo videos to learn more about how our Tjene team can help implement TRIRIGA's various modules to streamline your workplace processes and enhance your employee experience in a hybrid workplace:

On the MaximoWorld side, our Kurve for Maximo team, David Yew and Ashley Walter, held a session on "Reporting Mistakes You're Probably Making and How to Fix Them." Click here to learn more about how Kurve has a reporting tool that enhances data visualization for your IBM Maximo data.

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