Tjene presents TRIRIGA's Document Manager App

Managing various documents across different projects can be a heavy burden, even for the most organized of people. That is why we here at Tjene developed the Document Manager Application for IBM’s TRIRIGA platform.

It is an easy-to-use UX application that enhances the user experience allowing its users to access and manage documents within a singular dashboard, an upgrade to TRIRIGA’s out-of-the-box capabilities. Documents that are uploaded, moved, or deleted from the document manager app will also be updated in out-of-the-box TRIRIGA, and vice versa. This ensures that all documents will to be up to date in both interfaces.

View the demo video below for a walkthrough of the app’s features and functionalities:

The singular dashboard is a highly organized space which allows its users to identify and set folder hierarchies such as their main or parent folders and then when the user clicks on the folders, it reveals their sub or child folders. 

The app provides its users the ability to easily upload files in just a matter of a few clicks. Once uploaded, all files can be relocated between the different folders by dragging and dropping the file from one folder to another. When the files have been uploaded into the application, users can easily preview documents before saving or downloading them. Another unique feature of the Document Manager Application is the ability to embed the app within TRIRIGA forms. This way users can easily download or view the document by clicking the specific tab within TRIRIGA.

The Document Manager Application has seen use cases across several TRIRIGA’s modules including Lease, Space and Capital Projects.

Using the document manager app allows you to save time jumping from one TRIRIGA page to another to manage your various workplace management files. Now you can easily share, view, upload and download your different documents all within one dashboard and one page. 

We here at Tjene are constantly pushing ourselves to develop and enhance the experience for our clients, please reach out to our Tjene team to see how we can best support you.

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