TRIRIGA Chatbot: AI-Powered Customer Support

In the bustling landscape of today's technology landscape, one topic has swiftly risen to the forefront of discussions and debates—Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI. The sheer potential of AI to transform the world as we know it has been the focal point of many discussions in offices around the world. From its remarkable ability to analyze vast amounts of data in seconds to its integration into everyday gadgets, AI has emerged, promising boundless opportunities within the workplace and beyond.

In fact, parts of that last paragraph were written by AI leader ChatGPT, a free-to-use AI system, used for engaging conversations, gaining insights, and automating tasks.

The amount of data and information in today’s world is overwhelming, to put it lightly. AI has emerged as a saviour, diving into this sea of information, effortlessly providing its users answers in mere seconds. Its unparalleled ability to process immense volumes of data in a flash means that users can access insights and answers with unprecedented speed and accuracy, transforming the overwhelming into the instantly accessible.

We here at Tjene are constantly trying to find ways to utilize AI to help optimize our business processes, not only for ourselves, but for our clients as well. 

The result?

An AI-powered customer support agent for IBM TRIRIGA!

Check out the demo video below to see the features and functionalities of the TRIRIGA Chatbot:

The TRIRIGA Chatbot was designed to be a resource for TRIRIGA users, to ask various questions related to the data that is stored and managed in their TRIRIGA environments, such as Capital Projects, Lease, Space, Facilities, etc. 

 We have developed the bot to present in-depth user guides, provide video links to demos, or even read TRIRIGA reports to provide up-to-date information.

 With clients based all over the world, the bot can speak multiple languages, providing accurate translations of information from the environments it pulls from.  

AI will enhance your employees' experience at the workplace as we bring it into TRIRIGA. This will allow users to quickly locate and learn information stored and managed within the system in a matter of seconds! Think of it as another member of your team, but online 24/7.

Our Tjene team is here to answer any questions you may have regarding the Chatbot, its use cases and how it can be used to better your business processes.


IBM TRIRIGA is an industry leading integrated workplace management system (IWMS). The integrated system connects all data from your organization's management systems such as capital projects, lease, space, facilities, operations and maintenance into one platform. Using IBM TRIRIGA enables employees to efficiently manage, track, and streamline processes impacting the overall business of your corporate real estate.

What does Tjene do?

Tjene is a consulting firm who specializes in the implementation of IBM TRIRIGA's integrated workplace management systems (IWMS). Tjene provides their clients with support through cross-industry experience to discover, advise, customize, and implement pragmatic solutions that best fit their clients’ needs.

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