Tjene's 2nd SickKids' Volleyball Tournament

On Saturday, September 18th, our Tjene team participated in our second beach volleyball tournament hosted by Heatwave to help fundraise for Childhood Cancer Research at SickKids. Many Toronto-based corporations came together at Woodbine Beach for a friendly competition between different corporate teams all with the goal to support the continual improvement of child healthcare at SickKids.

Here Our Stories:

"It felt great to finally be able to see some familiar faces and play together fora great cause. We had some work to do to brush the dust off the volleyball skills, but with a team like ours it didn’t feel like much of an effort!"

-Andres C.


"It was great to get together as a company, enjoy the sunshine and play a sport we all enjoy together. It was organized, and everything ran on time and most importantly we had a blast!"

-Jordan J.


"Heatwave Volleyball Tournament was such a great experience, getting to know each other as people, not just as professionals was pretty nice. We had the opportunity to cooperate as a team not only at work but also on the court!! And the highlight of this day is that we were doing it for a noble cause"

-Carlos N.


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