Tjene Community's Compassion on the Map

One of Tjene's values is to give back to the community and seek for opportunities to serve both local and global communities. As a 2022 year-end initiative, the Tjene Community team was excited to invite the team to participate in a new initiative called Compassion on the Map.

What is Tjene's Compassion on the Map?

Each Tjene team member was given $100 to select from of list of donation gifts through Compassion. Compassion is a charity organization who invites people across Canada to give and donate gifts that meet real, urgent needs around the world, providing life saving help to children, families and communities experiencing poverty. The donations will go towards the following countries: Columbia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya, Nicaragua, Peru, Rwanda, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo and Uganda.

You may also view Compassion's website for all donation options here:

Tjene's Participation

From Dec 7th, 2022 to Jan 15th, 2023, the Tjene team had submitted and or partnered with other team members to select their choice of donation gifts. We had over 90 team members participate with the following donation highlights:

  • 9 Goats
  • 2 Cows
  • 6 Chickens
  • 19 Meals for a Family…and more!

Every donation that was submitted helped fill our Compassion on the Map puzzle. Check out our weekly progress of completing the puzzle below!

Hear Our Stories

"The Compassion initiative was a really fun and intentional way for our team to discuss about what mattered to us most, our group tried to pick gifts that would have long term benefit to those in need. In the spirit of the holidays, we wanted to share the warm comforting feeling of spending time with loved ones over a delicious meal, so we allocated some of our budget towards providing them hot meals. Thank you Tjene for giving us the opportunity to give to those in need, to give the gift of giving this time of year."

-John Y.

"I was very happy to participate in Tjene initiative “Compassion on the Map”. It’s very important to support countries that need help, to support people and kids, to show them that even during hard times we can unite and change the world for better. I think sometimes even $5 dollar donation is crucial and can make a big difference, so I’m thankful Tjene for this great opportunity!"

-Lesya K.

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