Nuvolo Releases First Major Update of 2023 with "Sweden"

The start of the Spring season brings a new update to the Nuvolo platform. Nuvolo is a connected workplace solution, built on the ServiceNow platform, to which Tjene is a premier implementation partner. As Nuvolo’s naming conventions for their products follows the names of countries, Nuvolo’s new update labelled “Sweden,” brings enhancements to the following products: Facilities Maintenance and Asset Management, Real Estate, Capital Projects, Space, Operational Technology (OT) Security and Mobile.  

In this blog post, we will walk through the key changes to Nuvolo’s product.  

Facilities Maintenance and Asset Management

Nuvolo has improved the Planned Maintenance functionality, for both Service Managers and Users, within the Facilities Maintenance and Asset Management products.  

Service Managers

Service Managers can now assign different start dates for any newly onboarded assets or group of assets that follow the same maintenance plan. This allows for diverse scheduling based on location, department, and more, while eliminating the need to create separate intervals for each asset.  

Work Orders can now be created ahead of the maintenance window which will allow for an improved planning process.  

There is now an ability to create and schedule multiple variations of maintenance for the same asset or space. This function allows for simultaneous work orders to be scheduled when necessary.  

Nuvolo has added a Parts Planning functionality that streamlines the maintenance process as the parts can be obtained ahead of schedule. It also provides a forward-thinking approach when it comes to ordering future parts.  

Lastly, Service Managers can now define static assignment criteria or create assignments for one-off occasions. This gives the Service Manager the visibility as to which targeted assets have been included or excluded in the interval, improving awareness and efficiency on actions.  


Users can now match assets against maintenance plans. This ensures maintenance work is neither duplicated nor missed. The updated workflow provides early visibility into whether an asset is included or excluded from a plan so that a service manager can make necessary changes before activating the maintenance plan. Users can also deactivate maintenance plans associated with a space that has been discontinued to stop any further scheduled work.  

Real Estate

In the Real Estate product, Sweden sees an update to asset, transaction, and portfolio management.  

Real Estate Asset Management (REAM)

Nuvolo has extended the existing lease product to apply to owned assets. Pre-existing lease contracts in REAM have been renamed to Assets (leased Assets and Owned Assets). They have also introduced improved performance and enhanced dashboard capabilities. Additionally, they have made improvements to ServiceNow programming codes. These codes are essential, as they execute parts of a feature or a complete feature. They have also made additional changes to the UI (User Interface) Manager.

Real Estate Transaction Management  

Nuvolo is introducing Transaction Management, a new scoped application. It brings together all elements of the transaction management process for any Corporate Real Estate Portfolio of properties. Users can execute on any real estate initiative defined in a strategy that includes tracking, visualizing, analyzing, approving and closing each step until completion.  

A seamless integration with Portfolio Management allows users to create multiple real estate initiatives to modify any portfolio of properties based on current critical dates. The Sweden release also brings changes to:

  • Transaction Action – allows users to populate and create fields to initiate a new transaction
  • Market Analysis – Users can enter data from multiple site candidates, including space qualities, costs, location, condition and additional notes to generate a comparison
  • Test Fitting and Site Selection – Users can now keep track of all preliminary design analyses to ensure a physical space meets its scope requirements
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis and Capital Appropriation Requests (CAR) – A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis is now generated once the Scope and Test Fit steps are completed
  • Negotiation Analysis – Negotiation terms may be stored, tracked, and visualized once the approval circulation is completed, filed and agreed upon
  • Approvals – All documents and folders can be transferred to Nuvolo Platform Services for cross-application usage

Real Estate Portfolio Management  

Customers now have access to a tool that will help them make better decisions and improve their real estate portfolio performance. They can easily review the state of their assets and act to improve their footprint, cost efficiency and space utilization of the portfolio through the improved dashboards and reporting functionality.  

Capital Projects

The biggest update in Sweden comes in the Capital Projects product. Nuvolo is introducing a new scoped application to allow customers to manage all their projects. This application will replace the pre-existing Capital Planning and Project Management (CPPM) product. Existing CPPM customers who migrate to Sweden will be impacted and will need to reactivate CPPM during the upgrade. The existing CPPM will be supported for two more years, following Sweden’s release, but will not see further enhancements during this time.  

There have been additional enhancements to Business Cases and Project Requests, which sees two workflows available out of the box:  

  • Approved Business Case to Candidate Project
  • Approved Capital Budget Line Items to Candidate Project – this provides a direct link between the Capital Planning and Capital Projects Applications

On top of Project Initiation, Sweden brings enhancements to the following functionalities:

  • Budget Management
  • Project Expenses
  • Procurement Management
  • Contracts Retainage %
  • Not-to-Exceed
  • Invoices


The Space product sees updates to some integrations and existing entitlements and reservation request features.  

Nuvolo has enhanced their BIM extension to support publishing floor plans to Nuvolo. Floor Plans can now be imported from RVT (Autodesk Revit Project) files using the Revit Plugin.  

Entitlements have been expanded to Reservations. They allow companies to define which locations are available to employees by rank, pay scale or other level system. These entitlements give a companies’ employees a clear view into which spaces are available to them when making a reservation.  

New views and workflows allow Reservation Managers to allocate shared spaces as well as to view multiple requests for a specific space and time.  

Note: The ability to make multiple requests for the same and time is not supported on the Nuvolo Reservation Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

OT Security

In the Sweden release, Nuvolo has added incremental updates to the products’ existing capabilities as well as some new features. The new features are highlighted by a new OT Security Dashboard where customers can access overall Risk Assessment status and Model and Device Security Lifecycle Profile (MDSLP, DSLP) mitigation progress.  

They have also improved how they manage Medical Device Security (MDS2) documents for clinical devices. Customers can now import and associate these documents and the related information directly to device records, so that the information is more easily referenced and stored.  


In the Sweden release, Nuvolo focused on numerous mobile architecture and infrastructure enhancements to improve and reduce load, sync, and install times. It also includes improvements and compatibility support for ServiceNow, iOS and Android mobile applications.

Learn More

You may view the entirety of Nuvolo’s Sweden release notes here.  

Please note that Nuvolo has also announced Sweden+, a follow-up to this update, coming in summer 2023.

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