IBM TRIRIGA Reserve Web App Updates: Scan-to-Claim and More

As return to work policies begin to take shape following the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have taken to more flexible work options and discovered new requirements to balance in-person and virtual work environments. To obtain total flexibility, they require a flexible and customizable solution. This is where the IBM TRIRIGA Reservation web application comes in.

What is the IBM TRIRIGA Reserve tool?

The IBM TRIRIGA Reserve tool (TRIRIGA Reserve) is a reservation system that is part of IBM TRIRIGA's Workplace Services technology solution offered within the space management module for corporate real estate. TRIRIGA Reserve is a mobile web app for employees to easily and efficiently reserve available meeting rooms and workstations at the palm of their hands. Read more on the web app in our previous blog post: Back to Work with a Seamless Reservation System.

Adaptable times require adaptable solutions and IBM TRIRIGA is constantly trying to find new ways to best serve their clients. Listening to feedback, IBM has included several enhancements to the web app to improve the user experience.

Below is quick demonstration on IBM TRIRIGA's new updates to their Reserve Web App and how the tool can provide a seamless experience for you and your team in reserving spaces:

What's new in the IBM TRIRIGA Reserve App:

-Quickly reserve your workstations using the Scan-to-Claim feature

-Enhanced Exchange Integration – Web app connects directly to Exchange and TRIRIGA for tight synchronization of Outlook information:

  • User's Outlook contacts and existing meeting calendar will appear on the app
  • Reserve and send meeting invites on behalf of your colleagues if they have set you as a delegate on Outlook

-Include catering and equipment options to your meeting reservations with a summary of the relevant costs

-Attach meeting links to the invitation such as a Webex or Zoom link


IBM TRIRIGA is an industry leading integrated workplace management system (IWMS). The integrated system connects all data from your organization's management systems such as capital projects, lease, space, facilities, operations and maintenance into one platform. Using IBM TRIRIGA enables employees to efficiently manage, track, and streamline processes impacting the overall business of your corporate real estate.

What does Tjene do?

Tjene is a consulting firm who specializes in the implementation of IBM TRIRIGA's integrated workplace management systems (IWMS). Tjene provides their clients with support through cross-industry experience to discover, advise, customize, and implement pragmatic solutions that best fit their clients needs.

Interested to see how IBM TRIRIGA's Reserve tool can be configured and customized to meet your back to work strategy? Our team would be happy to further demo the reservation system's features and functionalities to your team, you may contact us at

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