IBM TRIRIGA Demo: Confidently Navigate the Workplace with the Locate Tool

IBM TRIRIGA is an IWMS (integrated workplace management system) designed for intelligent real estate and facilities management. It is an elegant all-in-one platform meant to handle and track everything your organization needs from its people, places, and things.

The Locate Tool is one of the best examples of how TRIRIGA enables organizations to make it easy to find exactly what they’re looking for, so let’s take a look at what it is and how it can help your organization.

What is the IBM TRIRIGA Locate Tool?

IBM TRIRIGA’s Locate Tool, also known as the Locate app, was designed to improve workplace experiences by allowing employees to easily and quickly search and locate their colleagues, meeting rooms, and additional office spaces.

The Locate Tool is one of the most popular and widely used of the Perceptive apps, which are a series of advanced User Experience applications designed and developed by the IBM TRIRIGA team.

Watch this explainer video to learn more about using the Locate Tool.

How Does The IBM TRIRIGA Locate Tool Work?

The Locate Tool is an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes it possible to find any employee or space with just a few taps on your phone's screen. If an employee is looking for a floor plan of where spaces are located at the office or wants to know which office a colleague is working in, they can easily search and find this information using the Locate Tool. Employees can also use the AI-assistant voice command feature to locate colleagues. Simply ask, “Where is __________?” and wait for a response.

The Locate app is easy to access no matter where you are and what device you’re using. Whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device, you can access the Locate Tool through a dedicated URL, where it would lead you to the Workplace Services dashboard to click on the “Locate” icon.

If you’re searching for a person, the Locate Tool will search all available buildings for them, but if you’re searching for a room, the tool will only search the building you’re in (or the specific building that you’ve selected manually).

The reason for this difference between searching for people and rooms is that many of your buildings will have the same types of rooms. For example, if you were searching for a meeting room, it wouldn’t be relevant for the search results to include all of the meeting rooms across your organization. Instead, it makes more sense to only display the meeting rooms for the building you’re interested in.

Benefits Of Using The IBM TRIRIGA Locate Tool

The Locate Tool makes it easy for employees and managers to find the people and spaces they need through intuitive UI, touchscreen compatibility, and improved performance. The touch screen compatibility is particularly helpful with regards to accessibility as it makes the Locate Tool easy to use on both mobile devices and desktops.

At a glance, here are the major benefits of IBM TRIRIGA’s Locate Tool:

●          Locate colleagues' workstations or meeting rooms with search results highlighted on a floor plan view

●          Find contact information of colleagues through the Locate Tool's floor directory

●          Identify additional office spaces such as the elevator, stairs, closet, washroom on a floor plan view

●          Locate key rooms and their space details (capacity, floor, and available amenities) on the selected floor of an office building

Additional Benefits

Being able to quickly locate colleagues via the Locate Tool will help boost your employee’s productivity while also fostering a more open culture of collaboration through increased connections.

In addition to that, the Locate app takes away a lot of the guesswork of visiting a new building for the first time by allowing newcomers to easily navigate a building/floor plan they are not familiar with.

For security reasons, you can also manage who has access to the Locate Tool as well as control how much they can see and what they can search for.

Demo: How To Find People Using IBM TRIRIGA’s Locate Tool

Here’s how to find people with IBM TRIRIGA’s Locate Tool:

●          Log into your IBM TRIRIGA profile

●          From your Workplace Services dashboard, select the “Locate” icon

●          Once inside the Locate app, make sure the “Person” icon is selected

●          Next, type in your colleague’s name in the search bar and select them from the drop-down list

●          Your colleague’s workstation will now be highlighted in the floor plan view under the Location tab

Now that you know where your colleague is located, it’s time to reach out to them. While you could just walk over to their workstation and say hi, the Locate app also displays additional contact info such as their phone number and email if you prefer to reach out that way.

The Locate app also allows you to see everyone who has an assigned seat in the building. To do so, simply click the“Floor Directory” tab to see an alphabetical list of all the people along with their job title, department, and location.

Demo: Finding Rooms with the Locate Tool

Here’s how to find rooms with IBM TRIRIGA’s Locate Tool:

●          Log into your IBM TRIRIGA profile

●          From your Workplace Services dashboard, select the “Locate” icon

●          Once inside the Locate app, make sure the “Room” icon is selected (which is underneath the “People” icon we used to search for your colleagues earlier)

●          Type in the name of the meeting room in the search bar and select it from the drop-down to highlight it on the floor plan view

One thing you should keep in mind is that your location will be automatically set to the office building associated with your user profile. This means if you’re searching for a room outside of your usual office building, you’ll have to make sure to change your selected location to the specific building you’re looking in.

Finding Key Rooms with theLocate Tool

IBM TRIRIGA also makes it easy to find key rooms on a specific floor of your office buildings. Here’s how:

●          Click the “Key Rooms” icon to view a floor plan that highlights all key rooms within the selected floor

●          A legend on the right side highlights which colors represent each specific room (ex. blue for meeting rooms, yellow for washrooms, etc.)

For more information on a specific key room, click on that room in the floor plan to see additional space details like the room’s capacity, floor, and available amenities.

Find What You Need with the Locate App

The Locate app is a useful tool that helps save time and improve efficiencies while at the same time boosting the bottomline.

IBM TRIRIGA makes it easy for your workforce to quickly locate colleagues, meeting rooms, and additional office spaces, which frees up their time so they can focus on what they do best.

For more information on IBM TRIRIGA and how its Locate Tool can help streamline processes and make it easier to find everything in your organization, contact the experts at Tjene today.

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