IBM TRIRIGA Demo: Building Inspection App

IBM TRIRIGA is an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) designed to enhance your experience and streamline your processes when managing your real estate and facilities. TRIRIGA is an intelligent system that helps organizations manage their facilities, people and assets all-in-one platform.

The Building Inspection App is one of many customizable applications that operates within TRIRIGA and can be accessed via a mobile device, connecting all captured and tracked data into one management system for your organization. Let's dig deeper into what this app can do and how it can help your organization.

What is the IBM TRIRIGA Building Inspection App?

The IBM TRIRIGA Building Inspection App was designed to eliminate all manual and paper processes for building inspectors and auditors to easily capture all workplace environment observations on a mobile device. All data collected during the inspection can be easily submitted and tracked within TRIRIGA where automatic notifications to necessary departments can be sent when a corrective action is required.

The app can be customized to meet your workplace's building inspection requirements from the look and feel of the app, to creating specific workplace observation questions and automating work orders.

Watch this demo video to learn more about using the Building Inspection App.

Benefits of Using the IBM TRIRIGA Building Inspection App

Here are the major benefits of IBM TRIRIGA"s Building Inspection App:

  • Throw away your paper, pen, manual data entry processes, and capture inspection data points and images all within a mobile web app that will automatically save in     TRIRIGA.
  • Functions offline, so there would never be any lost data points if you move from building to building, and through areas where network connection may drop.
  • Automatic work orders from the inspections can be generated once the inspection has been submitted (e.g., a "lights out" submission can create a work order to notify the maintenance department where the light outage needs to be fixed).

The IBM TRIRIGA Building Inspection App enables building inspectors to speed up the process for capturing, issuing and resolving corrective tasks for a workplace. In streamlining the inspection process, organizations can ensure that they are staying compliant with environmental, health and safety (EHS) policies and maintaining a safe workplace for your team.

Demo: How to Capture Observations and Submit Work Orders all in one App

Here is how to use the Building Inspection App to capture observations:

  • Log into the IBM TRIRIGA Building Inspection App with your mobile device.
  • From the dashboard, click "New" to begin a new inspection form.
  • Select the building and floor you would like to complete the inspection.
  • Go through the inspection questions under "Inspection Findings."
  • If "No" is selected, this identifies that a corrective action needs to take place and an observation can be further created.
  • Enter additional information about the observation (priority level, location details, take a picture of the observation and attach proof, select correction action) to complete the observation.
  • Complete inspection when all observations have been made.

Once the inspection form has been submitted, all captured data will be uploaded into TRIRIGA. If necessary, a work order will also be created that will route to the respective departments to perform the corrective actions based on the observations noted in the inspection.

Make your building inspections an easier and quicker process today!

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