Consolidate Data with the Location Summary App for IBM TRIRIGA

As it mentions on our website, Tjene is a Danish and Norwegian word meaning “To Serve.” When one of our clients approached us about creating a solution that consolidated data into one space, allowing for easy data collection, we were excited to create an app that would serve their business needs.

We thought of solutions that would address questions like “How do we make the data gathering process less cumbersome?” or “Is it possible for someone to have all the information in one place?”


What resulted from this exercise was the Location Summary Application, an UX App created by our team for IBM TRIRIGA that puts all the information on one map, allowing users to see locations contextually. The app is responsive, so if you are on your phone, a tablet, or a laptop, each user experience would be the same.


We then encountered another question; how much data is too much data? Should it only be allowed to filter desired data? We settled on the solution of being able to limit data based on certain roles. What this means is if someone at an ‘intern’ level was using the app compared to that of a ‘C-suite’ level employee, the data and information that can be viewed may be different due to prior security restrictions set for individual roles.


This app was created to be integrated with Workplace Management Systems, like IBM TRIRIGA, as shown in the demo video below. The app has now gone live in three modules within TRIRIGA; the Lease module, Space module, and the Capital Projects module.


Check out the video below to see the features and functionalities of the Location Summary App:


Location Summary App Key Benefits:

·     Access data all within one page without having to open multiple pages.

·     User friendly and responsive on all devices (laptops, mobile phone, tablet, etc.)


If you are interested to see how the Location Summary app can be configured and customized to meet your business needs, our team would be happy to further demo the app’s features and functionalities for you. Please contact us at  



IBM TRIRIGA is an industry leading integrated workplace management system (IWMS). The integrated system connects all data from your organization's management systems such as capital projects, lease, space, facilities, operations and maintenance into one platform. Using IBM TRIRIGA enables employees to efficiently manage, track, and streamline processes impacting the overall business of your corporate real estate.

What does Tjene do?

Tjene is a consulting firm who specializes in the implementation of IBM TRIRIGA's integrated workplace management systems (IWMS). Tjene provides their clients with support through cross-industry experience to discover, advise, customize, and implement pragmatic solutions that best fit their clients’ needs.

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