Assess your Space with IBM TRIRIGA

What is the TRIRIGA Space Assessment App?

The TRIRIGA Space Assessment App  is an easy-to-use out of the box application. Being mobile friendly, it allows the user to use the app on a tablet device or desktop. The user can easily review completed assessments, accept or reject any suggested actions for a space, and move on to the next space, all in the palm of one’s hands.  

The whole process of assessing space using the app in TRIRIGA boils down to four simple steps.  

  1. The Space Assessor will open the list of space assessments that have been assigned to them by their Space Manager.
  1. Create or open an individual space assessment.
  1. Assess the space (Verify or Discard Changes).
  • Add any missing people or assets (to be marked by bold text).
  • Remove any extra people or assets (to be marked by hatch lines).
  1. When all spaces have been assessed, click Complete.
  • A notification is sent to the Space Manager contact, who will then approve all the changes.  
  • If the Space Manager had selected “auto approve,” once the Space Assessor has completed the audit, the changes will be updated in the system.

The video below is a demonstration of the app’s functionality.  

As the app is highly customizable, our team at Tjene can help implement additional features that are specific to your company’s needs. Here are some customizations we have implemented for the Space Assessment App:

  • Including any additional space attributes to assess  
  • Auto-complete to verify multiple vacant or occupied spaces

Organizations and their workplaces are like living organisms, constantly changing, evolving, and adapting, and you deserve an app that can grow with it. Interested to see how IBM TRIRIGA’s Space Assessment app can be configured and customized to meet your space management strategy? Our team would be happy to further demo the app’s features and functionalities for your team, you may contact us at  


IBM TRIRIGA is an industry leading integrated workplace management system (IWMS). The integrated system connects all data from your organization's management systems such as capital projects, lease, space, facilities, operations and maintenance into one platform. Using IBM TRIRIGA enables employees to efficiently manage, track, and streamline processes impacting the overall business of your corporate real estate.

What does Tjene do?

Tjene is a consulting firm who specializes in the implementation of IBM TRIRIGA's integrated workplace management systems (IWMS). Tjene provides their clients with support through cross-industry experience to discover, advise, customize, and implement pragmatic solutions that best fit their clients’ needs.

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