125 Trees Planted with One Million Trees Mississauga

On Friday, June 9th, 2023, our Tjene team joined One Million Trees Mississauga for our fifth tree planting event. This year, we planted a total of 125 trees at Mississauga's Huron Park, which brings our team's total count to 653 trees planted to date!


About One Million Trees Mississauga

One Million Trees Mississauga began with the goal to plant one million trees by 2032 in order to conserve the City's forestry and parks for the future generation. To date, 503,696 trees have been planted and the team continues to welcome organizations, schools, businesses, or individuals to join their mission in meeting their goal.

Hear Our Stories:

"It was fun planting trees with everyone, and feeling like I was making an impact in the community! The food and time spent after tree planting was good as well!"

-Caleb L.

"It was my first time doing tree planting and it was such a fun experience! It was a great team bonding event and also felt nice knowing we were able to give back to the community and improve the environment."

-Tina W.

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