Simplifying Hybrid Office Planning With IBM Neighbourhoods

"To ensure hybrid workplaces remain efficient, businesses now have to consider which employees can work where, and why."

Hybrid offices are quickly becoming the norm among some of the world’s largest corporations. To ensure hybrid workplaces remain efficient, businesses now have to consider which employees can work where, and why. Limiting offices, or categorizing office spaces to certain employees, can help promote collaboration and improve internal productivity. Our clients knew that simplifying this process would be a key factor in adopting hybrid workplaces going forward. What they needed was an integration to help them get there.

In order to help a large American pharmaceutical client limit users to certain areas set out for their business units, we designed and configured a Neighbourhood function within the IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Reserve app. This function would allow employers to classify space into business units, thereby limiting the search results to only what users are able to book.

For example, if a worker who normally works in the downtown office wanted to book a desk at a suburban office, they would be restricted. Similarly, if a department requires a specific floor at all times, they could easily make their space off-limits and deem it unavailable in search outside of their team. This might look like an employee working in HR who would only see available hot desks that are within the HR neighbourhood. It could also look like executive offices staying reserved to executive employees.

Our Neighbourhood function helped efficiently assign different departments to certain zones to manage the flow of employees at the workplace. This functionality works alongside the IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Reserve app to determine, depending on a user’s profile, what available spaces they can see and use.

The Neighbourhood functionality helps employees working within specific departments to reserve spaces that are in close proximity. This not only improves reservation efficiencies but also promotes collaborative work when needed. The end result is a more streamlined reservation workflow, which can be easily tailored to new spaces and locations.

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