Optimizing Capital Equipment Approvals With Perceptive CER

"Capital equipment requests frequently get held up in approvals, leading to delays in getting the equipment into use."

Capital equipment requests (CER) are lengthy and time-consuming to approve, due to the large number of stakeholders that need to be involved throughout the process of planning, receiving and setting up the equipment. Requests frequently get held up in approvals, leading to delays in getting the equipment into use, which can have large financial implications on client budgets. Our clients were looking for a way to streamline the CER process and track the lifecycle of each request within IBM TRIRIGA, an integrated workplace management system. They also wanted to improve internal reporting and management of active requests, so they could better understand bottlenecks within the process.

Tjene created a custom app using the TRIRIGA UX framework that allows for automated processing of approvals and routing of CERs. The app was able to track the lifecycle of a CER from its creation and through various approvals, planning, and building steps along the way. As well, the CER app gives financial visibility to when assets will be paid for and if some assets should be deferred to a later date due to budget. Users are able to look at quarterly spending and see if they have spent outside of their budget.

The Perceptive CER app was designed to help reduce the amount of time it takes to get capital equipment approved and into use. Using this app, stakeholders can quickly see the status of each request and identify any potential bottlenecks. As well, the app contains detailed information about each step in the process and can automatically send notifications at each stage of the approval process.

Thanks to our Perceptive CER app, the process of acquiring capital equipment has become much more efficient. Our clients now have one central hub to track the status of each request, including which parties have requested further information, or which parties are approved or pending. With all of this data now easily available within TRIRIGA, each client has greater insight into their CER metrics as well as improved reporting and dashboard capacity within the system.

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