Innovative BIM Connector Turns Revit Models Into TRIRIGA Spatial Data

"Productivity depends on workplace efficiencies, so creating a streamlined office environment is necessary to adapt and grow."

For space and facilities managers, associating information with assets often means onsite visits or time spent going through inventory files and structural plans. This manual process is often time-consuming and inefficient, causing managers to look for a better solution.

Our clients were looking for a tool that could help them track organizational space allocations while giving them a clear, visual picture of their office spaces. Because newly constructed buildings often use 3D Revit models that showcase building attributes, there was an opportunity to merge these models with IBM TRIRIGA to create a more consistent workspace experience. Worker productivity depends on workplace efficiencies, so creating a streamlined office environment is necessary to adapt and grow.

Tjene decided to build an integration from BIM to TRIRIGA that would allow clients to seamlessly transfer data from the Revit model into TRIRIGA. This integration would be used by space and facilities management teams to digitize their building so that every component is synchronized. This enables space and facilities managers to easily identify, order, track and replace components of the building.

The BIM connector helped link the Revit model of a building to TRIRIGA, where it can then process and create spatial data in the system. From there, space attributes such as capacity, classification, and area provide a clear picture of space inventory. This process creates an end-to-end digitization of the building and its assets, all within the system.

Improving space management improves employee productivity, creating fewer friction points in workers’ day-to-day processes. This integration allows the user’s interaction with the building to become consistent, providing accurate information on inventory, assignment data, and occupancy limits. Space and facilities managers can now easily identify, order, track, and replace components of their buildings as they become digitized, creating improved synchronicity between teams and their buildings.

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