Improving Safety Audits With Innovative Web Apps

"Digital systems improve compliance and help teams stay safe."

Paperless systems are the future. Yet, many companies still rely on manual safety audits, using pens, notepads, Microsoft Excel, and heavy data entry processes to assign tasks or correct observations. This system leaves ample room for data entry error and puts businesses at risk for costly safety violations and employee accidents. As well, inefficient auditing systems mean audits are not performed as often as needed, leading to gaps in available data and risks for teams and their employers.

To optimize the audit process, Tjene created a UX TRIRIGA Space Safety Audit web app to ensure both audits and corrective work orders can be tracked and tied together in one management platform. Safety Inspectors can use the app to take photos of safety issues and immediately send off work orders to necessary parties. Inspectors can simply access the app by opening the web app link on a smartphone or tablet web browser, complete the simple digital safety survey, and capture any observational data with the camera on their device. The app also has the ability to function offline, so there would never be any lost data points as inspectors are moving from building to building, and through areas where network connection could drop.

Observations and tasks for corrective actions are directly hooked into the existing work task process within TRIRIGA. From there, tasks are generated and assigned to technicians. Email notifications and scheduled reminders are automatically sent out by the system for follow-up on outstanding tasks.

Digital systems improve compliance and help teams stay safe. Implementation of our Space Safety Audit app has resulted in more frequent and consistent safety audits being performed. Approximately 5,300 work orders were created months after rolling out the application. As well, corrective tasks are now resolved quicker, reducing the risk of a safety incident occurring.

Reporting on safety audit data is now available to help identify and close gaps in problem areas. Revolving safety concerns can be quickly addressed, assigned, and reviewed to ensure long-term EHS compliance.

  • 5,300 work orders created
  • Thousands of corrective actions from work orders put in place and resolved
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